Our movable glass wall systems are a natural fit for government projects.

Where compliance meets versatility.

For over 40 years, government agencies have relied on Nello Wall Systems for their glass office fronts and movable wall needs. We hold GSA contracts for most of our product lines, enabling government agencies to take advantage of attractive volume discount pricing to meet cost objectives.  You can depend on Nello Wall Systems to provide the ideal movable wall solution for your agency’s needs and budget.

Nello Wall Systems is committed to developing and delivering flexible, innovative solutions that are also fully compliant. Our proprietary tracking system ensures that your GSA contract is always accurate, current and compliant. Each of our movable wall product lines meets or exceeds the rigorous specifications required for government projects.

Our solutions for government agencies are also designed to maximize sustainability and long-term value. That’s why we gather detailed information regarding your objectives, business functions, configurations, staffing patterns and more, prior to beginning the design process.

This initial diligence saves you time and money. When you choose Nello Wall Systems, you have a partner in your project.

To learn more about our solutions for government agencies, or our complete array of Clarity glass office fronts and movable wall solutions, please email us at info@nellowall.com or call us at 800.628.2128.

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News & Events Feed

Nello Stole the Show at the WorkSpace Design Pop Up Event

Nello Stole the Show at the WorkSpace Design Pop Up Event

12/6/2018 12:00:00 AM EST
a week ago

Nello was front and center at WorkSpace Design Magazine's very fun ...

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