Five Ingenious Ways to Make Your Office Environment More Collaborative

In today’s commercial landscape, collaboration is an essential component of workplace effectiveness, innovation and problem-solving. But collaboration doesn’t just happen—it needs to be facilitated. The design of your office environment itself can either encourage or detract from teamwork and collaboration. Which does your space do? Read on for five ways you can create a collaborative workplace that inspires interaction, encourages engagement, and boosts productivity.

1. Open office plans. When trying to create a successful collaborative space, open plan layouts can be essential for facilitating information and idea sharing. These spacious floorplans allow for easier interactions and an increased flow of information because colleagues can be approached easily for discussions. Colleagues can turn to each other for advice or assistance without having to knock on doors or schedule a formal meeting. The provision of private spaces and the addition of sound masking can reduce any noise that workers may find distracting in an open office plan.

2. Dedicated social spaces. The most creative ideas aren’t going to come while employees are sitting in front of their computer monitors. That’s why one of the most important design elements is the provision of dedicated social spaces, where people can interact with one another away from their desks. This this allows people who work on a different floor, or with different areas of expertise, to easily communicate and share ideas.

3. Flexible layouts. Another smart way to improve office collaboration is to provide a range of different work spaces and encourage employees to move among them as they wish, depending on the nature of the work they’re carrying out and the level of concentration they require. As noted above, this should include some areas for privacy. Including private spaces within an office designed to facilitate collaboration may seem counter-intuitive, but there are times when sufficient sound privacy is necessary. Having the flexibility to work in communal areas or private spaces reduces employee stress and improves productivity.

4. Enhanced branding. A good brand is far more than a logo—it creates an immersive experience for every person who enters the workplace. The branding of a workplace goes a long way towards influencing the culture that exists there, and that includes ensuring staff members know that collaboration and teamwork is desired. Communicate collaboration through branding elements such as color, company slogans and tag lines.

5. Include glass office walls. The addition of glass office fronts can enhance the appearance of any commercial environment while improving its culture, too. Whether you incorporate glass into your conference room, break area or private offices, it creates a sense of community, openness and collaboration.

When it’s time for your next office construction project or build-out, or if you want to learn more about glass office fronts and other design solutions, contact the experienced professionals at Nello Wall Systems.   

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