Fabric walls can transform any office interior, taking it from drab to fabulous.  

Nello walls are available in a broad array of stunning Terratext™ 100% Recycled Fabrics from Mayer, Guilford of Maine and Maharam, as well as OEM fabrics by all manufacturers.


For over 100 years, Mayer Fabrics has consistently delivered stylish textiles at a great value. Mayer leads the way in effective, innovative contract textile solutions that offer design, durability, affordability and sustainability. Choose from Terrain or Whirlwind and click on the swatch to read a full product description.

Terrain: Grade 3

Whirlwind: Grade 4

Guilford of Maine

These designer acoustical fabrics combine beauty, durability and just the right amount of sound quality.

Crosstown: Grade 3

FR701: Grade 3

Lido: Grade 3

Mingle: Grade 3

Reeds: Grade 4

Tempest: Grade 4


Renowned as a design leader, Maharam is committed to quality and innovation through detailed exploration of pattern, material and technique. Maharam offers a myriad of textiles to meet the performance requirements and design needs for vertical wall panel fabrics. Please contact us for grade and price. For swatches, click here.