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Our glass partition walls are a natural fit for educational institutions.

Where learning meets flexibility.

In recent years, the educational sector has seen significant increases in the use of glass office fronts and movable wall systems.  From K-12 schools with ever-changing class sizes to the various complexities of large universities, educational facilities are faced with daunting demands relative to adaptability, functionality and cost. For more than 40 years, Nello Wall Systems has responded to the needs of educational clients with our versatile, cost-effective movable wall solutions.

Demountable partitions from Nello are endlessly adaptable. They allow the internal configurations of your school building to change quickly and easily. This flexibility allows you to adjust classroom sizes and segment space for special uses, as needed. The inclusion of glass wall panels creates a sense of greater space and connectivity, which is helpful in enclosed areas such as small classrooms, meeting rooms, laboratories and administrative offices.  Our frameless glass walls also maximize available light, enhancing the learning experience while maintaining privacy and security.

Economical, attractive and highly flexible, movable walls from Nello meet the numerous space challenges faced by today’s vibrant educational institutions. Our movable walls and movable glass wall systems allow you to create easily reconfigurable spaces with minimal time and disruption.

To learn more about our solutions for educational institutions or our complete array of Clarity glass office fronts and movable wall solutions, please email us at or call us at 800.628.2128.

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News & Events Feed

Nello Stole the Show at the WorkSpace Design Pop Up Event

Nello Stole the Show at the WorkSpace Design Pop Up Event

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