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We lead the way in beautiful, dynamic movable wall solutions.

Our exceptional innovation and commitment to quality span more than four decades.

For over 40 years, Nello Wall Systems has been designing, manufacturing and installing environmentally-friendly, flexible office solutions. Whether providing commercial office solutions for private Industry or on GSA Schedule, we deliver total client satisfaction from start to finish.  Nello’s innovative designs, best-in-class manufacturing and unmatched customer service are great sources of company pride. Nello Wall Systems is a veteran-owned business located along the Baltimore-Washington Corridor in Howard County, Maryland. Our Clarity glass office fronts and Architectural Wall demountable partitions are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Our Mission

Nello Wall Systems leads the evolution of demountable glass walls, serving as a preeminent consultant to the Architectural and Design community. We manufacture agile, adaptable solutions that are changing the way offices are built. In addition, we offer project management and installation expertise to ensure the successful and timely completion of every project entrusted to us.


Nello Wall Systems was founded by Sam Manganello in 1973, during the construction of the Rouse Company headquarters in the planned community of Columbia, Maryland. To design the building, community developer Jim Rouse commissioned architect Frank Gehry of Gehry Partners, LLP, Los Angeles, California. Together, Rouse and Gehry envisioned an office building that could change with the needs of a growing organization, enabling the entire office to be easily reconfigured with minimal disruption, time and cost.

To achieve this goal, Tate Access Floors were used to distribute power, computer, and phone cables. Gehry designed an innovative stackable movable wall system and Nello Wall Systems was hired as the manufacturer. To meet the diverse needs of a reception workstation, cubicle work stations, managers’ offices, and executive offices, Nello developed stacking fabric walls and glass partition wall modules that could be interchanged to reach the desired workspace height and level of privacy.

As proof of its high sustainability, the basic concept of this initial design was preserved and remained in use until 2014, when the original Rouse headquarters building was sold to Whole Foods Markets. The demountable partitions we devised back in 1973 evolved into our current Architectural Wall movable wall line. Our popular frameless glass wall product line, Clarity, was introduced in July, 2013.


The most sustainable wall choice is the one you don’t make again and again.  Nello creates workplace solutions that are good for today as well as for tomorrow. Our products are sustainable, long-lasting and made from materials whose impact to our natural environment will be minimal.

Excessive waste is inevitable in traditional drywall construction. Choosing an environmental movable wall or demountable partition system that can be endlessly reused while producing little waste and minimal disruption is great first step towards creating a greener, healthier environment.

Nello Wall Systems takes it to the next level by incorporating a high percentage of recycled material and rapidly renewable resources into our product lines.  Innovative, sustainable design features further enhance our environmental efficiency. It all adds up to a highly responsible, cost-effective solution that accounts for significant LEED accreditation points.

Nello Wall Systems products are GREENGUARD-certified and GREENGUARD Gold-certified, and we are members of the U.S. Green Building Council.

To learn more about Nello Wall Systems or our complete array of Clarity glass office fronts and movable wall solutions, please email us at or call us at 800.628.2128.

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News & Events Feed

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Two Nello Projects Take Top Honors at the HRACRE Excellence in Development Design Awards Program

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