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Go from mundane to iconic with glass office fronts.

Our glass office walls are nothing short of stunning.


Clarity Glass Office Fronts:

Elegant, classic and timeless, Clarity glass office fronts beautifully complement any environment.  
More than just a frameless glass wall, Clarity seamlessly integrates with base building architecture and interior walls of any type, configuration or finish. Truly frameless in every aspect—including the door frame—no other glass wall system can compare to Clarity.  Free from unsightly frame members, these stunning glass office fronts offer the splendor of uninterrupted glass. And with our boundless design options, it’s easy to create statement-making workspaces that deliver chic, luxurious style.

Clarity glass office fronts create inviting spaces filled with light, transparency and clean details.
Featuring a minimal base track, a virtually endless span capability and our patented soft-close door system, Clarity brings an air of sophistication to any environment.  Choose from sliding or pivot doors to suit your unique space needs. Our state-of-the-art overlapping sliding door system dramatically reduces sound transmission. Unparalleled beauty combined with a practicality make Clarity glass office fronts the obvious choice for incomparable design freedom.

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Clarity glass office fronts offer abundant benefits:

  • Nello’s standard 1⁄2” tempered glass provides a 36 STC (Sound Transmission Class)
  • Effortless connection with dividing/interior walls
  • Completely customized to client needs and preferences
  • Endless design options
  • Stunning detail and classic beauty in every element
  • Ease of reconfiguration as requirements change
  • Simplified glazing: no messy silicone needed
  • Impeccable engineering and highest-quality components provide unparalleled durability
  • Environmentally-friendly elements and finishes

Framed Glass Architectural Walls:

Our framed glass Architectural Walls offer innate flexibility and complete customization.
They make it easy to create beautiful, functional workplace environments that enhance employee comfort, morale and retention.

Reflect your organization’s unique image.
Choose from an endless array of design themes and materials including glass, tackable fabric, wood veneer, laminate, whiteboards and combinations thereof.  Our eye-catching door systems include sliding glass, glass or solid transom, full height solid wood, swinging glass, wood or aluminum, and self-closing barn doors in a variety of finishes.  Nello makes it effortless to create a personal style that conveys your corporate culture. Whatever finish or design you choose, our innovative yet durable movable wall products always deliver unsurpassed craftsmanship, flexibility, sustainability and value.

Architectural Wall Benefits

Framed glass Architectural Walls from Nello offer abundant benefits:

  • Non-progressive and designed to be moved with minimal disruption to the office space and associated staff
  • Budget-friendly
  • Superior craftsmanship, detail and durability
  • Completely custom solutions that meet any requirement or preference
  • Beautiful, sleek designs to complement any environment
  • Recyclable and endlessly reusable
  • Significant opportunities for LEED credits

To learn more about our Clarity glass office fronts or our framed glass Architectural Walls, please email us at or call us at 800.628.2128.

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